27 November, 2005

tree huggers

basking in the exquisite light

the light after the storm, as captured by lady lip

mother nature pulled this out of her hat, to lure us outdoors

snoozing on lady lip

captain oats

a salem moment. three hoods. fire walk with me.

naming no names. she shouldn't. she doesn't. but she looks good doing it

lush princess sparkle, shortly before she began her rant on all about eve. oblivious to all

"lumberjack chuck" was more interested in spicy sausage than card playing

captain oats mulls a nil

michael getting ready for a weekend with 3 insatiable girls

26 November, 2005

strike ONE -- left cold and bereft, waiting for P. Sparkle, who accomplished the feat of locking herslelf and Lady Lip Out. Nappy starts ruing the day she agreed to lend P. Sparkle her keys.
strike TWO -- Nappy returns like Cinderella at midnight, but a snoozing P. Sparkle totally snores through FIVE missed calls. P. Sparkle wakes up in a state this morning, imagining Nappy on the footsteps of the pope's waiters' house.

Anyway...this is for you nappy and your pooh.

25 November, 2005

princess sparkle in her many guises

My Dearest Lady Lip,
may i extend to you a heartfelt welcome into the Covenant of Caper Mischief. HRH and myself do hope you'll bring to it your customary resourcefulness, coupled with your biting, dare i say it, saucy wit. We are honored
to know you in all your spry finery. not to mention exquisite bustiness.

P. Sparkle, HRH and Capt. Oats Esq.

our Royal Highness,

May I take this opportunity to commend you on your unfailingly constant Sparkle and your inimitable regality. I look forward to being your esteemed colleague, confidante and cohort for many grazings to come.

Capt. Oats. Esq

forgive may delay in replying. Lest you should thinking me uncaring, how can I impress on you that your stealth in times of battle, your warmth in times of woe and grasp of the English tongue have never coddled me nor just amused. Rather, thou art
the sparkle in my eyes, quite simply, this year's love.
Yours faithfully
F. Sparkle HRH

if i ever find myself asking, why do i love rome?
i will only have to look at this picture to remind me.

23 November, 2005

the man in my room.

captain oats. chiaroscuro.

a space for the one-act plays
here are some of my favourites. authors anonymous sort of.

whiskers, whiskers again. by P frap

p: lonely
f: talk to the hand
p: ok
p: satisfied
f: smoke

nameless, by toko loco

f: the pope's dead. i can't believe it. i feel so much catholic guilt. i really need to get to back to my roots and wear a massive crucifix for at least six months.
tk: really?
f: i'm confused about my sexuality
tk: really!
f: i'm going to mongolia/zambia/togo. tomorrow
tk: really?!
f: i have a crush on berlusconi
tk: *&*(&*(*&(

and finally. over to captain oats and one of the lines that will enter the annals of history

f: you need a shag
s:i don't want a shag. i just want things spelt correctly.

princess sparkle: i have one!
captain oats: ck

stunned into silence. viva shakira.

2 a.m. and a whole lot of O.C. later, my detox attempt shot dead in the water and my partner in caper mischief in bed hogging the duvet. bof.

gao gao. blee-ed princess sparkle! I'm taming. fan hand...things are getting pebbly. stop the fun. watch out for the brillo pads. minty! from beneath you it devours. rexis tuuuu? and don't touch the pendant. even if you're fruity.
captain oats. me. you. seychelles. i feel amsterdam sneaking up on me and have had it with the log cabin. and apricots.

to all those that can make no sense of this. well. you're not captain oats. why would you?

21 November, 2005

diskowtitz. pre detox

me and my kaftan. one day i'll never take it off

erstwhile big sister. pal-a-roo (c)

the ever elusive laurence brought out from hiding. sort of

javier, i love you too

dena, sheyam's sister, needs no introduction

a belatedly late trip down memory lane. madrid and photos you can show your mother

la sales, lady lip, who took me in when i was down and out

oops again.
sicily does rome. again


spades queen and my partner (reluctantly) in my kamikaze bids to go nil
The modern game of Spades became popular in the late 1940’s, especially on college campuses. It was difficult to ascertain the true origin of this game. A review of several card game reference sources revealed that Spades descended from Whist. Spades also has a kindred spirit with Bridge, Pinochle, Euchre and other similar games featuring partnership play, bidding and a trump suit.

cristina,``pa amb tomaquet''