21 January, 2011

britbit lovefest

my love for Britney has been steadfast and unwavering. through thick and thin. from the distant 1998 original school-girl revelation, through to the head-shaving lows, to today's more mature monster hits. my white-trash girl can do no wrong. no one comes close to her. madonna retire. lady gaga. take a topple on those wonky high heels.
my top ten favourite britbrit moments.

1. ...baby one more time

decade-defining: "hit me"

2. oops i did it again

"I am not that innocent."

3. I'm slave 4 U

"gimme, gimme."

4. Me Against the Music

"are you ready?"

5. Stronger

pulling off flared trousers: "my loneliness ain't killing me no more.°

6. Piece of Me

Miss American Dream Since 17

7. Toxic

fasten your seatbelts, thanks for flying on toxic air

8. If you seek amy

"love me, hate me, say what you want about me..."

9. Radar

On my gaydar

10. Womanizer

19 January, 2011