12 April, 2009

"gino capponi refuge camp"

photo courtesy of Ro. Who is the asylum seeker on the far right? First prize for the right answer is a bottle of champagne on the terrace on the first night it doesn't require thermal underwear to stay out.

Good Friday marked the first spades of the 2009 social calendar. I would like to thank Ro, mystery guest for schlepping it over and sharing swedish fish, fagiolini and warm tea.

11 April, 2009

belle and sebastian return!

am thrilled about god help the girl

09 April, 2009


the cutest little thing ever. her poo smelt of roses.
virginia! or ginny as her auntie flav is calling her.

something about the boy

totally adorable and sexy. love the little porker.
long live a bit of heft. never thought i would say it but there you go.

03 April, 2009

dipping into the past

ah...randomly re-listened to this. staple fodder in my college years. well, i sustain it stands up very well to the test of time.

02 April, 2009

my home away from home

lady v's little crackden is the best kept secret in london. a wonderful refuge from the world.

recoiling in abject horror