26 September, 2008


tots in the same country: tick
little j back from her travels: tick
horse riding: tick

16 September, 2008

the future!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, filmmaker Wayne Wang (The Joy Luck Club, but more importantly DIM SUM and SMOKE) will debut his new film The Princess of Nebraska for free on YouTube on Oct. 17th. The film will appear in YouTube’s Screening Room, the section of the site devoted to independent and art house video fare.

Princess is the companion film to another new film of Wang’s titled A Thousand Years of Good Prayers, which will be released theatrically on Sept. 19th. Princess is the story of a Chinese student in Nebraska who travels to San Francisco to get an abortion, with the main character trying to find her identity through various forms of new media.

what's not to like. welcome back, wayne, after years to hollywood trash!

from this to this

little j, back today after an inordinately long time.

15 September, 2008

13 September, 2008

i love me a good western

obligatory maremma viewing
sorry for all those who can't appreciate.

12 September, 2008

locked out. again

well it's getting to be a habit
as is my lonely prosecco on the piazza

two paternos and a gimp

11 September, 2008

to my bestie

we like a good weep, don't we?

10 September, 2008

true blood

well. a series on vamps. with anna paquin. from the makers of six feet under.
that is three massive ticks in my book.
still, reviews have been mixed
well i will check it out for myself. even if it's not love at first bite.
now if only it had mickey..


that's the wrestler
my third post in a week devoted to the SAME THING

the cherry on the cake?
the bruce springsteen song in the closing credits made especially for the film

mickey rourke?

folks. well. am ready to see it all over again.
down and out. dirty and seedy. tacky and squallid.
a story of redemption and defeat. of second chances. dashed.
and well. what a man........

am going to now post a picture of the younger rourke.
when he played FRANCIS OF ASSISI.
one of my fave roles for him. i own the film NATCH.
now that is one hot monk.

08 September, 2008

07 September, 2008

comebacks and second chances and new beginnings

fittingly. rourke's triumph in venice is emblematic of this year.
he may be old, overweight and out of date, but he still has the old magic.
and it is never too late to start again.
i feel MOVED already.

05 September, 2008

this week's interest

well. i've been a bit of a crap blogger. part of the reason is this.
i just cannot get enough of it. and clearly not drunk enough.

i owe it all to MicNic

tears streaming down my eyes.

01 September, 2008

guess whose?

well. i decided to clean my computer out and uncovered a frankly mystifying and phenomenally vast collection of very random stuff, from old photos to templates of times gone past. stumbling into these three pastiches seems particularly pertinent. since the artist is with me now and well she had a spectacular time doing them and i getting them sent to me.