29 September, 2009

the G-3

3 hours before i boarded my flight, i managed to squeeze in a quick g-3 with my fraps. we've known each other on and off, a decade. seen each other together a total of five times, if that. possibly less. anywhere there were more topics on the agenda than on the g-20 i had just come from. wearing a comforting hoodie. the slight blurriiness of the image reflects the conversation as it progressed.

21 September, 2009

dirty old men II

"with all the wild and nubile young flesh frolicking around on display, this is going to be a favorite for the pervy-types"

i am referring of course (heads up from sicily) to Cracks (2009) the directorial debut of the daughter of ridley scott, jordan. the plot has been described as a sort of all-female lord of the flies. but it sounds more like picnic at hanging rock to me. am liberally lifting the prize nuggets from the single movie review out there (film is debuting in toronto in that great nation of the north)

In an Irish boarding school for orphaned girls, life runs and swims to the rhythms of Cosmopolitan and sexy teacher and diving coach, Ms. G. (Eva Green as glamorous and sexy as she was in Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers or the James Bond reboot).
When an exotic new girl, Fiamma of Spanish aristocratic descent (Gasp! She is Roman Catholic!) joins the ranks (intriguingly, banished? Exiled? Simply boarded for a while?) it throws the lives of the girls into disarray

enough said.

io e lui

19 September, 2009

16 September, 2009

Mad Men

courtesy of J's kickass camera and her and micnic's killer eye. without them, there would be no photographic evidence of that night. more to come..

15 September, 2009

look at the camera, maude

the sausage has a mind of her own.

photos of the 50s soiree will be posted "shortly" (ie when j has time to upload them from seattle slash california). Tot A, brace yourself and remember our friendship stretches a decade...

13 September, 2009

10 September, 2009

it's all downhill from here

best years are behind me.
am shadow of former self
nothing to look forward to but grey pubes.

oh to be young again

when i was 32
tiz: you know you are exactly HALF my age
me: oh that's an interesting statistic
tiz: you know that will never happen again
me: now that's depressing

06 September, 2009


when it comes to taking the PISS, no one does it better or with more cruel relish that Bob Altman. i bow.

"for the sake of the children"

Unpack your bags and try not to cry.
I can't leave my wife -- there's three reasons why.
There's Jimmy, and Kathy, and sweet Lorelei...
For the sake of the children, we must say goodbye.
For the sake of the children, we must say goodbye.

'Cos Jimmy's been wishin' that I'd take him fishin'
His Little League pitchin' is something to see
And Kathy's thirteen now; she's my little queen now,
And I've gotta see who her beau's gonna be.

But you are my true love, the one that I do love,
But I've got to stay with the woman I wed.
Laurie's just walkin', she just started talkin',
And Daddy's the first word that she ever said!