31 January, 2006


1. Huddle around a bottle of something
2. Get GIDDY and giggly
3. If you know nothing of films and who is in them, bow out gracefully, or volunteer to wash the dishes
4. Now, in clockwise fashion, take a long good look at your pals
5. Noooooooow, grab pen and paper.
6. Scribble on it who you think would best play them in film. There may be a striking physical resemblence or perhaps, something about their persona that SCREAMS them.
7. Be in turns flattered or appalled at what your friends REALLY think of you.

for those of you that gave me the jodie foster's thumbs up, i'll just say, errrrrrrr. and for THOSE of you that said MAGGIE SMITH (not naming any names..nappy?), fire and brimstone await you. now get cracking, i mean playing.

sorry, folks, am out. am a fan of the kraut.

now...we can all hazard a guess as to what the MYSTERY OF THE SHREDDED SHEETS was about but the above cunnundrum remains unresolved. on the friday they disappeared. nappy, sales and lil' pea conspired and plotted among themselves. "they ran off" they said, ominously, chanting a cappella like a greek chorus. now, i know they're toxic but they're the only ones i have and i won't give them up even if they have holes in them (or maybe...er..not even then). anyway, they re-surfaced just as mysteriously. girls, i am ON to you.

back in her old stomping ground. she has few requests and they are essentially the following
1. an artichoke
2. a shot of bernini
3. plenty of walking and constant re-affirmations her butt is rock hard
she GNawed and GNarled her way to rome, in spite of the fact that there were strikes, no flights and 20 inches of snow.
a barrel of champagne awaited her. alas no funnel was required to pour it down my gullet. memory loss ensued...

24 January, 2006

the parts: buffy, anya, tara
experience required: none whatsoever
the place: in the country, on the projector
the hour: TBC
title: once more with feeling

"Did anyone, just burst into song?"
god knows, nappy and i do.
the only reason i moved into this house over a year
was because i knew i was among buffy fanatics.
ever since we've spontaneously er...burst into song
nappy: buffy, tara, anya anyone high pitched
flav: croaked the rest

POOP sorry i meant, miso.
you can see wherein lies the confusion.

22 January, 2006

some people like bob, some his son, some don't knoww what they like
until they see THIS


Last night sparkle retired for the night, as she has for the past 29 years, without fail.
This morning she woke up to the following. Can anyone explain it? sparkle, reflects.

21 January, 2006

What Jack remembered and craved in a way he could neither help nor understand was the time that distant summer on Brokeback when Ennis had come up behind him and pulled him close, the silent embrace satisfying some shared and sexless hunger. -- A.P. (Read the full story

20 January, 2006

LA SALES DOES LONDON (each time it's different)

- sometimes less is more. so a simple introduction: martin, sales
- franco. mastering the art of the chopstick
- cowboys and cowgirls are all the rage. witness. this is the scene. i dig.
terry, simply fab, milena somewhere (line dancing perhaps?)

gary shteyngart + mabel hwang 4 ever

(trust me he's a great writer, gets paid for it, in fact but it was late and he's in love so we'll forgive him)
just thought i would create a special shrine for two people that spanned one week with us
fed us. and gave me plenty to drink,

old times sake..

19 January, 2006

these people should need no presentation.
they are both beautiful and i fell in love with both of them at first sight
the fact that my first sight coincideded with my 10th tequila is irrelevant
i loved them sober, sane the morning after and the morning before
they are gary and mabel

the other one is nappy, picking her nose. she strikes the pose

to clarify. club night. we hit the opening of a new club
1) linda and ganz. (if in doubt, ask me about it).
2) a couple so beautiful they make me weep. and someone who looks good in specs and doesn't even know it
3) linda ganz gave me a much-deserved finger (long story but i deserved it, and loved it)

12 January, 2006

RULES (for two or more people)
1. pick 3 people (works best with 3 dashingly attractive or 3 hideously repulsive)
2. contestants must battle with their demons and decide
a. who they will SHAG , just the once mind you.
b. who they will MARRY ie spend the rest of their lives with but never foray between the sheets with.
c. throw off a BRIDGE

07 January, 2006

My name in chinese means er.. butterfly
er..i hope that doesn't mean i'm flighty

post bong. post "ghetto blasters"
remarkably rosy-cheeked
glad i pegged it back from laos in the nick of time

05 January, 2006

dragged reluctant tom and up for it welsh wench to the city's swishest bar...
take note: the girls aren't really girls and that isn't really me with er..funny hat thing.
quite literally the ocean and i. after losing the key to a hired scooter. i hitched a ride back with some friendly thais at the back of their truck. time 11:35pm. got a spare key. pegged it back. made a mad dash to the beach. got hit by a truck. bounced back. unscathed. made it in the water in the nick of time but without finding my posse. result. NY alone. how very garbo-esque.

my companion in my misadventures
he hates blogs so he'll never have a chance to berate me that he's on this one
we mutually kicked each other's arses in chess, backdammon and ping pong
he drove at the back of my scooter and funded my opium habit.
love him

caves with buddhas and hiddern waterfalls, which i neglected to photograph.
i scampered up and down them bare foot and threw myself wholeheartedly and fully dressed in the several clear water pools.

and my feet getting "aired"

this involved
- 3rd class overnight to the thai-lao border
- a trot and a skip across the friendship bridge
- 100 miles on a speedboat along the mekong
-100 miles of dirt roads on the roof a truck/bus with a squealing pig at my feet
RESULT -- bliss