27 August, 2011

she better be worth it!

armed with carlo gesualdo, the three-colours trilogy and the decalogue, a couple bottles of good white and a small stash of cigarettes (hell if it's the end of the world i might as well enjoy a final puff!), we are all set to spend the next 48 plus hours holed up at home.
a hurricane is just what i needed to inflict much needed rest. now, onto the first of a stack of novels.

13 August, 2011

i know i am settling in

when i can devote a good 50% of my weekend to watching films. am squeezing plenty in this weekend but the highlight so far is, unsurprisingly, a couple of classics in black and white. always had a huge soft spot for nicholas ray (ahem "Johnny Guitar") and though he is better known as the director of "rebel without a cause," his contributions to the film noir genres are what make him a stand-out in my eyes.

10 August, 2011


after an envigorating meal in K town, what better option to refresh the palate than red bean/green tea popsicles nextdoor. buoyed by the general merriment of the occasion -- our mic turning 28 -- we displayed some skills at licking, sucking and you get the jest. some of us were better at this than others. judge for yourself. ahem.
(photo credit to RT)

next up was: best asian
we had some naturals and then some were just rubbish. ahem