24 November, 2009

something rotten in the state of korea

Model Daul Kim was found hanged in her Paris apartment on November 19th, 2009
Actress Choi Jin Sil, the nation's sweetheart, found dead at her home on Oct. 2, 2008
Popstar U-Nee found dangling from a door on January 21, 2007
Roh Moo-Hyun, former prime minister, jumped out of a window May 23, 2009

I could go on ad nauseaum. Basically the South Koreans are fuked up, depressed, and topping themselves at a rate that puts lemmings to shame.
Because and/or in spite of it all, they are some of the best-looking and most-talented people around and making some of the world's best films (fuked up, bizarre, strange, moving, taking you in unexpected directions and giving you one hell of a joyride while they are at it). I for one love them, and am so happy I got to know them in my Seoul years some time in the 1980s (let's not dwell on my age).
They (and their kimchi) are an acquired taste. Now can you please stop topping yourselves and take some prozac for christ's sake.

here is a little homage to eating-live-octopus, something le duc will welcome.


23 November, 2009


i took a single picture of the trip. to offset this rueful neglect, the little one took a couple hundred thousand and they will all be making their way on her blog

good to be back with my cac ban (group of pals) and strangely satisfying to be up at 5 a.m. in the morning taking a stroll with the hound, and the girl, through the market. the italians are certainly less industrious than the vietnamese this early in the day.

05 November, 2009

little red rucksack

is packed with room to spare.
on an unrelated note. not sure what will be greeting me on arrival. it would appear that the past three weeks porking down in Asia may have turned J into one of these

see you all in a couple of weeks

02 November, 2009

vietnam as seen through the movies

some people approach a new trip by reading a book, maybe a guide. i decide to fish back in the old movie vault. I have banged on about "A la Vertical de l'ete" previously on this blog, and was roundly ignored. no reason why it should be any different this time.

however, here is part 1 of the full movie posted on youtube just in case you want to heed my words.

boy, did that film make me want to go Hanoi. And now I am. I have already eyed up a 1950s hotel, with outside courtyard, century-old tree and ... "a high-tech arthouse cinema - Hanoi Cinematheque - which screens films most days in a variety of languages". what's not to like?

01 November, 2009

what girl doesn't like to get flowers?

not me
(i think i have spinach between my teeth)

a great show

uniting two of my great passions