31 August, 2009

12 August, 2009


part 1

part 2

general swinging fabulousness.

love. adoration. the real deal.

10 August, 2009

someone liked his present

before...(what the fuck have they got me)

after...i like it!

"no one likes a present"

a wise man (micnic) once said.

after dropping an unwanted present on our bathroom tiles (which took minutes of gag-reflexing scrubbing) one of her mommies thought it was high time the critter to be hosed down and given a bath. the last one may well have dated to when Bush Jnr. was still in office. so here is the little shitter before, during and after the ordeal.

07 August, 2009

breakfast clubbers

so which one was you?

06 August, 2009

03 August, 2009

pit stop at the mex

for a who-did-who who-didn't-do-who gossip after a few well-earned margheritas.

en route to party...

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