29 February, 2008

dying to see this again

step-siblings have a dangerous attraction
buffy plays the upper east side marquise
and gives the ingenue her first kiss
lots of austere yet fetching catholic boarding school uniforms
ryan philippe in his cherubic, blond curliscious beauty
cocaine in crucifixes

must i go on........

28 February, 2008

la zia marchesa

....Allora, io provo veramente un senso di disagio quando, leggendo le recensioni o quello che si scrive attorno a questo secondo libro (sospirando): viene fuori l’animale araldico, viene fuori il Gattopardo dal taschino. Perché? Perché è la storia della decadenza di una famiglia nobile, perché c’è il mezzadro, perché c’è eccetera eccetera… Non c’entra nulla!!! Credetemi! Non c’entra assolutamente nulla. Semplicemente perché quello è lo sguardo di un aristocratico e la macchina da presa è posta in un modo opposto a quella della Agnello. Quello è lo sguardo dall’alto verso il basso e questo è lo sguardo dal basso verso l’alto. Ed è tanto, perché è quello della nostra migliore tradizione narrativa, a cominciare da el sciur Lisander, milanese, no?! E che vi hanno fatto studiare a scuola, cosa sono gli umili e tutto quello che ne consegue nei Promessi Sposi. Per sua stessa dichiarazione, la Hornby, c’ha fatto sapere che la zia marchesa è realmente esistita, ha fatto parte della sua famiglia e ha lasciato, pare, i suoi averi anche alla sua famiglia. E, come dice nel romanzo, nessuno gliene fu grato! Ora, il signor Luigi Pirandello se ne era occupato in precedenza della stessa signora marchesa, in un racconto, in una novella meglio, intitolata: Tutte e tre. La sostanza del fatto, qui Simonetta potrà contraddirmi quando vuole, è la stessa, cioè a dire: c’è l’anomalia di una signora la quale si piglia in casa la vecchia amante, la giovane amante, il figlio avuto dal marito dalla giovane amante. Ora, di questa anomalia, di questa diversità, Pirandello, ne fa una chiara attribuzione, dice che la protagonista non è di origine nobile, è figlia di un massaro arricchitosi perché nelle sue terre hanno trovato dei filoni di zolfo, ma che è rimasto contadino, la figlia è rimasta contadina nel modo di fare, nel modo di agire, e quindi proveniente da un ceto diverso, perciò in un certo senso anomala dentro a quell’ambiente. C’è un punto, che io ho trovato straordinario, di contatto, perché non c’è niente di male, anzi… ed è il momento della corsa, che è il momento cinematografico molto bello, di lei, nel racconto di Pirandello, quando con le calze mezze cadute corre, ma è una contadina e quindi può permetterselo, in un certo senso; è lo stesso tipo di corsa che fa la zia marchesa quando le dicono che il marito è morto nell’orto, nel giardino della vecchia amante. Non c’è altro punto di contatto. E c’è una differenza sostanziale, perdonate la banalità di quello che dico, Luigi Pirandello scrive una novelletta di cinque pagine e Simonetta Agnello Hornby mi scrive un romanzo di trecentoventidue pagine, quindi delle cose diverse ci sono. E che cosa sono? La cosa che più di tutti mi ha colpito non è tanto lo sfondo, quello che io chiamo sfondo altri lo hanno trovato come primo piano, di una società nobiliare che comincia perdere i colpi, ma è lei, la protagonista. Il problema è la solitudine estrema della protagonista, marchiata fin dalla nascita da un segno di diversità: i suoi capelli rossi....

27 February, 2008

well well well

without wanting to betray any confidences
someone's "bestie" will be working on someone's favourite teen crud set
i feel the time is right to spell out that next to said "favourite teen crud set"
another rather fabulous series is also filmed
it is the set of 30 rock

it's been a fave of ganz's. and mine's and many others for a long time.
strong female leads AND alec baldwin as you have never seen him before.
here is a little snippet of just one of his great moments.

baby mama

two of the funniest women from saturday night live.
i for one am excited.

26 February, 2008

olivia thirlby's short

starring the very much up-and-coming actress who played juno's best friend. ahem!

sublime oscar frocks

hottest couple

fondness for red

am a sucker for a mermaid.........

25 February, 2008


nonsense talked: 70 percent ( conservative estimate)
scenarios recreated: abundant
hours slept: few
bottles cracked open: who is counting
champagne imploding in freezer: 1
spontaneous eruption into dancing: every night
DJing: professsssssssssh
losing track of time: permanent state of mind
films devoured: 5
new tats discussed: 3
films female tots slept through: another country
films male tots ignored: business of strangers
unexpected buzz kill: buffy/anya/frat boy slaying
genius turn of phrase: tot A coining the title of filippo's cinematic adaptation: "il tortellino"
hours spent idling in the sun: 3
pages turned in books, basking in the sun: 20 (max)
scarce portions served: 5 (i skipped a meal)
dogs on heat: just the one, dear
oscar-winning scripts conceived: one, at a time, dear
eruptions into spotaneous song: bountiful
definition of love: tenerezza infinita
fragments of the above: plastered on the fridge (sort of)

22 February, 2008

a pick-me-up

end of the week. am slammed. tired. wiped out. exhausted. in need of a pick-me-up.

feel much better now. ah, camille.


best newspaper headline ever.
the background:

Freddie Starr is perhaps best known for his role in one of the most famous British tabloid newspaper headlines. On 13 March 1986 The Sun carried as its main headline: FREDDIE STARR ATE MY HAMSTER. According to the text of the story, Starr had been staying at the home of Vince McCaffrey and his 23-year old girlfriend Lea La Salle in Birchwood, Cheshire when the incident took place. Starr was claimed to have returned home from a performance at a Manchester nightclub in the early hours of the morning and demanded that Lea La Salle make him a sandwich. When she refused, he went into the kitchen and put her pet hamster Supersonic between two slices of bread and proceeded to eat it.

Oscar Snubs

well, ew.com triggered my memory and these are the ones i definitely agree on. then i came up with some more on my own.

Into the Wild: absolutely fabulous and heart-breaking. got bugga all. shocking
Waitress: Charmingly quirky. amazingly well-acted. a nom would have been nice.
James McAvoy: he WAS pretty fabulous in Atonement. That category was over-crowded. but minga-please. why best film? should have been him
Vanessa Redgrave: Her mere act of breathing is oscar worthy. gives me the chills.
Russell Crowe and Christian Bale: for all they've done this year.
Jennifer Garner: in Juno. really knocked wind off my sails. and am NOT a fan.
Helena Bonham Carter: Sweeney Todds. My god! can anyone say after me: MEATPIES!
Across the Universe: I know people were divided but i thought it all rather grand. Julie Taymor's direction was breathtaking. I want to hold your hand anyone? Flying jocks. lovelorn cheerleaders. say no more.
Benicio Del Toro: Things we lost in the Fire. The man has presence and gravitas. Oh lord. The chills i got.
Diane Lane: Hollywoodland. Breathtaking. Sigh. Slobber.

that was fun! still feel I've left something out here.......

21 February, 2008

yellow fever

my thing for hot asians is well-known. my eye has latched on to something scrumptious. his name is jack yang. he's canadian/asian (double jaw drop). He's been in bits and bobs on TV. cannot find a proper pic of him. but folks, let me tell you..the boy is FINE. i want MORE.


20 February, 2008

pod and oats/jenny and shane

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.

an accompanying piece/commentary to michael's embarassing blog spot.

aussie genius

courtesy of michael: summer heights HIGH

sing after me: she's a naughty girl, with a BAD habit, bad habit for drugs

and one of my favourite clips: Mr G's teaching methods

leaves me breathless

trembling. speechless and the rest. my god. it's too much. too much.
he is THE MAN. eric bana. from michael's hometown of melbourne, home to MANY good things evidently...

19 February, 2008

been YEARS, marjorie...

at least 20 since i was THIS excited about the oscars. folks. finally some films to get our blood boiling our toes curling etc. so i'll be performing my little special rituals to favor the outcome to my liking -- gargling mint water three times before swallowing, wearing clothes upside down, putting on my lucky cap etc, fasting etc.

thing is i'm actually rather torn. and have HUGE crushes on many of the contenders... so...GULP... here i go:

Best Film: No Country for Old Men. am quietly indignant Jesse James was not nominated. that would have been my pick for best film of the year, but who i am? no need to answer that...
Best Male: DDL. why fight it? although Viggo was devastating. any other year...
Best Female: Ellen Page. i know people are getting annoyed with the hype. but it's not her fault. she's been acting the socks off everyone for years and now suddenly everyone has woken up to the towering talent of this canadian pixie. hard candy alone was a staggering epiphany of a performance. so... any other year i would have fought for laura linney but... and I KNOW julie christie was sublime, but... i'll be biting my toe nails through this one.
Best Supporting Male: Casey Affleck. No words for this performance. hypnotizing.
Best Supporting Female: Tilda Swindon Again no words. Give it to her already.
Best Director: Julian Schnabel Bloody tough choice this one was. I'll be clapping away for the Coens, and PT. PS why wasn't Sarah Polley nominated.!!!!!!!!!?
Best Writing: Diablo Cody for Juno DUH!
Best Sceen Adaptation: No Country for Old Men Basically in the battle between There Will be Red Wine and No Country for the old folks I've come out in favor of the latter. Still, debating it. Two masterpieces...
Best cinematography: Jesse James PERIOD

Best Original Score: I am abstaining in protest. They always fuk this one up. There will be Blood had an absolutely stunning soundtrack that along with DDL framed the entire the movie.
Best Foreign Movie: Also abstaining. Another category that is botched every year.

Notable and unforgivable oversights (in no particular order, and more will occur to me): 3:10 to Yuma, Jesse James, Sarah Polley, Catherine Keener (don't laugh)

14 February, 2008

more tokyo

courtesy of naps' camera, which was very naughty indeed and took pictures it never should have (NAAAAAAAAAAAAAPS). so here are the boring ones. sorry. but i have a reputation to maintain.

11 February, 2008

er...before things went tits up

being a discrete person, i won't post pictures of after. still. the evening did not stop at "arty farty." naps had a longing for karaoke so we swung by for a late night jamming session. naps was barely conscious by this point.

only in japan

a rather elaborately choreographed tranny show with some rather sublime looking costumes and people, reenacting 2nd world war rape, marriages and bizarrely, tap dancing. footage to ensue.

we began virtuously...

er..."arty farty"

what happened at arty farty, stays at arty farty.....errrrr....

08 February, 2008

while mommy was at work...

the kids were up to no good.

07 February, 2008


first impression of japan

aroused by japanese loos.


on my own in vancouver, totless, i get up to mischief in the "dodgy" part of town. no needle sharing though.

finally canaDUH

fleeting moments and various highlights

04 February, 2008

tokyo countdown

the ever-organized naps knows the drill:
it's agreed that F will call me when she gets to the hotel, and I will meet her there. We'll bum around, throw back a coupla drinks at the bar, until M arrives at which time the panties come off, and the microphones are clutched on to for dear life.

michael also seems to have his priorities straight:
My objectives are:
make love with a local (in which neither of you will be of any use)
See the Tokyo Ghetto pussy Kooky Harajuku kids
buy a few tshirts
and of course I must purchase some used panties from a vending machine.
Apologies to those who find this sleazy and sexist

as for mine, dear readers:
got myself all primmed and primed. trimmed down to a hairless vamp.
thinking i may break a life long habit and bring a pair of undies
they could fetch a bit on the jap market
soiled western knickknocks. anyone? 5 dolla?
also been straining my mezzo-soprano vocal chords
to do dolly, britney and patsy justice.

thought this will be my crowning glory. re-enacting my favourite abba song.
with perms. tacky disco lights. dodgy jumpers and polyester gowns. it's all
been in my closet for years...shuppa pa-pa shuppa pa-pa. 3-way harmonizing.


for the romans among you this will come as a welcome surprise. after a decade, the biggest cab company in italy finally changed their very annoying on-hold song for something far more fetching. sounds like ``aicha'' by Cheb Khaled. i like it!

have to say i didn't get a good listen to it. i might have got the tune entirely wrong. but anyway. it sounded like a corny arabic-sounding runaway pop hit. aicha! errr

03 February, 2008

i heart romolo

rom after a shave. he'd been sporting pubes on his face since i've known him

that hat gets round..

the boy still struggles to stay awake past 10pm

never been kissed

poor flavio got/gets stuck with maude. not just that night but also when i leave for tokyo. errrrrrrrrrr

a pair of besties