30 July, 2012

a day at the hamptons

before i gave her a fat lip from getting a bit carried away in the pool playing "chicken"
ready to pounce.

13 July, 2012

can we enter her for an award?

maybe it's my exploding womb but this photo, taken by Jasmine, just moves me so much. J has been taking outstanding photos for 2 months now in Cambodia. Can I enter her into a competition or am I just too biased?

yes, the family has moved

to brooklyn, bitches. and i am french-kissing the hound because J has been gone for almost three months. a girl gets lonely.

My mid-July Jam

cannot stop listening to this. am about 5 months late in the game but goddam. What a good album.

"Try not to beg too much to be

Calling my heart and know you are real

But my memory steals every moment I can feel

What will it take?"

and yes, we all make mistakes.

08 June, 2012

Ave Maria~Fabrizio De Andrè

In praise of Tiziana

"non ci dobbiamo preoccupare per gli sfoghi dei nostri due temperamenti focosi. E' meglio cosi, un dialogo sincero e aperto, e poi ci si vuole bene come e piu' di prima."

04 April, 2012

magnetic fields

one of the top 5 concerts i have been to. at the historic beacon theater.

this one is for the girl who introduced me to them. you know who you are.
it was sung live, not by stephen merritt.


12 March, 2012

birthday treats

we gathered today to celebrate this man

on top of a mountain with these people:

sensible sheyam waited for us at the bottom of the hill, with a good sci-fi novel and a place in the sun. with us in spirit..

some of us hugged trees:

others pumped the air with a leash-clutching fist:

i took a breather:

we were all experienced hikers, naturally. blithely ignoring stop signs:

romolo was bashful in front of all this attention. what, all this pour moi?

disclaimer: i took none of the above pictures

03 January, 2012


giggling all the way