29 October, 2010


well, after 10 years of unbrindled loyalty to kate moss, I've moved on.
it's all about freja. and named after the norse myth's goddess of war and love (the vikings didn't differentiate...). what's not to like?

(Dossier Journal, Copyright)

27 October, 2010

the hunt is over

i have searched for el nido (1980) for a good ten years! out of print. out of favour. out of luck. well, i found it! an old VHS copy that will somehow have to be converted into 21st century viewing technology. but hell, i could not be happier.

i like to think of it as a valuable accompanying piece to harold and maude. the touching story of an eccentric widower and the precocious 12-year-old Goyita. To a sountrack of Haydn. what's not to like?

tiesto ft emily haines

14 October, 2010

operatic highs

it's been YEARS marjorie, since i went to the opera (tristan and isolde, Royal Opera House, circa late 1990s). finally, am about to stage a triumphant return and will make my debut at the metropolitan to see boris godunov, hands down my favourite opera. 4 1/2 hours and in russian. what's not to like! giddy, i tell you. giddy.