30 January, 2008


been hanging out with some real nut jobs as part of my in-depth research in all matters satanic. it's a real trip, folks. splash me with holy water next time you see me. i may need to. the world, is C.R.A.Z.Y., i tell you...
heading out to a village of the possessed yonder in the sticks, due south. if i don't resurface online in a few days, call the cops.

spontaneously crying

i've been obsessed with this film for 12 years and continue to be as moved by this scene today as the very first time i saw it in a cinema in london's west end. back then, the whole row quaked and shuddered to the sound of not-so-silent wailing. my friend puffy next to me recoiled in embarassment. today, alarmed colleagues turned round fearing it was the government crisis that had prompted the hysterics. no, i say ``it's the sounds of kristin scott thomas's voices as she dies alone in the cave of swimmers and something about a world without maps.''

29 January, 2008


ok. i still have STUFF (pictures) of cana-duh to post but since uploading and posting without the internet at home is a real faff i feel i should just put up some eye candy that makes me happy.
namely, mia. part of the reason why i ADORE canada is obviously in no small part prompted by my love for mia. from those heady days of EXOTICA (teen nymphette/stripper dancing to leonard cohen in a tartan school girl's dress...), to LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS (S&M dominatrix), to MY NEW BEST FRIEND (er.. teen crudder-tastic..lashings of cocaine and gratuitous sex) to 24 (hot and evil terrorist with nuances that sky rockets off the plane) to the black dahlia in the otherwise crapilicious BLACK DAHLIA to the wonderfully deranged and batty JENNY everyone loves to hate but i simply adore.
everything she touches is gold. and so beautiful.

roger and out.

22 January, 2008


with teutonic determination i abandon my trusty skiing buddies and decide to tackle whistler mountain head on with my spanky new snowboard. do i listen to reason. no. do i take a lesson. absolutely not. i nail a few curves. feel quite the hipster for all of two seconds.
the experiment, after an encouraging hour, turned into an unmitigated disaster. essentially i had spectacularly bad fall. flipped backwards and whacked my head. leading to minor concussion. blurred vision. a few spasms and a little blackout. yet i kept going up the mountain. only to come down on foot. exhausted. and wiped out.
oh and dear reader, i vomit.
day after.

i got back on my trusty skis. have i given up on snowboarding? absolutely not. but will save my falls for gentler less deserving slopes.

more to follow. including how cute tot A's butt looked from behind in his red pants. kept my eyes firmly on it. at all times. kept me focused.

men on slopes: HOT
women on slopes (with exception of yours truly): MINGING
architecture: excrecable
bed time: 9pm
food: Tot A whipped up three michelin star meals.
booze: not formidable by any means.
fags: one a day. if that.

canada is a virtuous country. one more week and tot A and I would be hugging trees and recycling toe nails. or on the opposite side of the spectrum, trading needles in vancouver's gastown. we may never know. we leave in two days.

it's been EPIC.

14 January, 2008

adopt me

regular blogging services to resume in 2 weeks.

11 January, 2008


i love missy. she's back.

07 January, 2008

the 4 Dreams of Miss X

oats has topped herself AGAIN. no one knows me better.
kate moss. agent provocateur. mike Figgis
i think i my have died and gone to pretentious heaven.

someone hose me down.

06 January, 2008

teen horniness is not a crime

i had more than one issue with "southland tales"
but blinded by my love for donnie darko and its maker, richard kelly (a fine looking chap may i add...)
i pay homage to one of my favourite bits
sarah michelle gellar aka buffy playing porn star krysta now
and having fun mocking britney.
it doesn't get much better

apologies for the crap quality of the footage.
another favourite moment. justin does the killers

03 January, 2008

oscar for her NOW

been a fan of diane lane since the early days of the outsiders and rumblefish...
and she just gets better and better.
in this movie, she glowed.

01 January, 2008