31 July, 2009

park chan wook me, thanks

Sang-hyun, the hero of Park Chan-wook’s Thirst, is many different things: a Roman Catholic priest; a selfless volunteer in a dangerous medical experiment; a reluctant faith healer with a cult following; a vampire. And Thirst itself, which won the Jury Prize this year at the Cannes Film Festival, where Mr. Park has long been a favorite, is equally protean. It is a bloodstained horror movie, a dark comedy, a noirish psychodrama of crime and punishment, a melodrama of mad love, a freehanded literary adaptation (of Émile Zola’s Thérèse Raquin) and, of course, a vampire movie. (NYT July 31, 2009)

From the maker of Old Boy, and Lady Vengeance one of my favourite living directors. serve me up. and I'll take seconds.

28 July, 2009


ploppety plop


some people call me vain. cannot think why. fkers

the consummate divers (errr)


this was a first for little j. who didn't realize the little devils were still alive. regardless, she did not demur too much and dived in with relish. what a good sport.

just back

from the nation's heel. just to ease me into things. a coupla of pics as picked not by me, but j.

outdoor shower

out in the terrace, surrounded by nature and its evil spawn (mossies)

drunk punch love

stay tuned for more.

17 July, 2009

whip it!

finally a trailer!

hello ellen page! hi drew!
this is going to be so good.
i almost wet myself

16 July, 2009

i miss you

little homage to our mic nic. i danced around this slightly intoxicated with our tot, lolling head around. quick shake of the hips. grinning inanely.

who can find this?

the original "scent of a woman" with the one and only vittorio gassman.
if only i could find it.

VERGOGNA. italy does not sell a copy of one of its finest films. instead the CHINESE post it on YOUTUBE