25 March, 2008

no good can come of it

am referring of course to
lady v and myself driving up to the countryside.

1. i accidentally turned lights off and drove in complete darkness for a while
2. we drove boars off the cliffs of capalbio with our raucous rendition of dusty, edith, dalida, patsy and dolly
3. determined to stay sober, we sadly and predictably caved in and cracked open a bottle of bubbly after the turning right off the crossroads of death
4. that led to much peeing in inappropriate places in full of view of everyone
4. our much-touted grand entrance, which involved serenading tot A with a ``say a little prayer for me'' with full audience participation, was an abysmal flop. not only did no one come out to applaud. but i left mina open and the car got very wet.

more highlights

1. english patient: ``chaps only in the long bar'' and ``poor sausage''
2. the making of tortellini under my loving guidance and active participation
3. cathering's naughty valium taking against A's strict instructions not to
4. painting of nails, including alberto's pinky: channel rouge
5. tots in a three in a bed romp.
6. boys bonding over thin red line. girls in spades madness.
7. last men standing till 6am with jack D. running around the oak barefoot. snow.
8. lady v's valiant but ultimately doomed attempt to sustain she was a feminist
9. pam reprimanded for eating tortellini with a fork, sprinkling pizza with parmesan.
10.jon's tight little t-shirts. clowd pleasers all round.

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Lady V said...

Good lord, your dedication to the art of the blog is heroic. And your recall flawless.

Until the next time.....