28 October, 2008

Tonight: `Only' (2008)

when you are blue
only a canadian film will do.
into my lap, this gem falls.
its european premiere.
being on the mailing list of the canadian embassy has it uses.

From the press kit:
Daniel lives in a motel, managed by his parents, in northern Ontario. People come, people go, Daniel hardly notices. Until one day a girl arrives and changes his world.

ONLY is a glimpse into the heightened impressions and dreams of two unlikely 12-year-olds. Over the course of a single day, they venture on a journey, exploring deep secrets, dark fears, and first love in a pure and powerful meeting of young hearts and minds.

and a review:
A deceptively simple film about two lonely, near-pubescent kids stuck in a snowy nowhere town, Only gently unfolds to become a deft – and blunt – exploration of the anxious yet romantic world of teens (Globe and Mail)

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