10 February, 2009


things to do with the 280 a.k.a. the biggest terrace in rome.

i think it may be be obvious whose ideas are whose. awaiting on contributions, thoughts, and counter-proposals. you will be heard! your vote counts!

to kick us off..

1. ping pong table!
2. antique clawed bath tub cum lily pond with frogs (er..)
3. inflatable pool!

j: yes, which will be used for watering, plants like stagnant water
f: er..and blood too apparently. lord.

4. hammocks!
4. campfire circle
5. moroccan marquee and egyptian water pipes! and rugs!
6. let's grow watermelons!
8. ponzese coast umbrella and sun chair lounge
10. worm hill in far left corner (err..)
11. scavenger hunt party (errrr)
12. yoga lessons


Jasmine said...

the only terrace in rome big enough for both of us. you never have to even encounter the worm hill baby.

albeo said...

13. public readings from famous novels
14. minigolf
15. 4 cantons

MicNic said...


Lady V said...

watermelons! I fully endorse....

TheFastestIndian said...

I endorse moroccan-stylee tenting for shade and cinema viewing, with side area so I can be doing dolphins and downward facing dog. Ixx

TheFastestIndian said...

Also there must be bougainvillea.

Jasmine said...

ice skating rink for winter. vineyard. permaculture pilot plot -- no! biodome (think eden project in cornwall). trampoline. meditation shed. secret garden with honeysuckle and rose lined gazebo. croquet or bocce ball court. free speech corner. preserves and pickle shed. apiary. shaded play area for puppies and the tot's babies.

bogart said...

growing pot?

Tom said...

-Animal husbandry
-Cock fighting
-Fire works
-Sweatshop (preferably Chinese)