21 June, 2009


on saturday i hopped on the train like a good environmentalist (mina i miss you!)
to see yogi, bruni and the wonderful virginia jnr (baby ginny to her auntie flavia) and virginia snr (yogi's fabulous mom).
well the little one is something else. playful. cuddly. ever so curious. and for a while constipated.
a significant amount of time was spent talking baby poos.
a significant amount of wine was drunk too ("i knew you were coming so i got 3 bottles of white"..!!!!).
their charming villa overseeing porto santo stefano (with stunning bird-eye views of the sea) was also struck by lightning. the storm and thunder woke everyone up.
did i say everyone? not ginny or i. we slept right through it. datta girl.

thanking the fam (see above) for having me.


sxg said...

bruni's boobs!
finally, she must be thrilled!

Jasmine said...

babies sleep deeply after the old bike treatment. tell the truth. did you do it to ginny too?

MicNic said...

were you reminiscing about your own childhood poo's?

TheFastestIndian said...

I thought of you at the weekend. See blog for details.