23 June, 2009

cannot wait!

four names

joseph gordon levitt
ellen page
christopher nolan

i could stop there... but no.

ken watanabe


21 June, 2009


on saturday i hopped on the train like a good environmentalist (mina i miss you!)
to see yogi, bruni and the wonderful virginia jnr (baby ginny to her auntie flavia) and virginia snr (yogi's fabulous mom).
well the little one is something else. playful. cuddly. ever so curious. and for a while constipated.
a significant amount of time was spent talking baby poos.
a significant amount of wine was drunk too ("i knew you were coming so i got 3 bottles of white"..!!!!).
their charming villa overseeing porto santo stefano (with stunning bird-eye views of the sea) was also struck by lightning. the storm and thunder woke everyone up.
did i say everyone? not ginny or i. we slept right through it. datta girl.

thanking the fam (see above) for having me.

19 June, 2009


so er...
not quite sure how to put this. so i will just say it

i ran over maude. with the mountain bike. twice (i.e. with both wheels). a week after the turd had her reproductive organs ripped out.

before anyone says i am a bad mommy ("you are not taking our kids out on a stroller")

this is how it went. twas a lovely june day. j and i thought we would have a NICE
family outing in the sprawling park near home and give turd her first real run since
the op. i suggested taking the bikes. oh turdy was up for it! running ahead. leaps and bounds. ecstatic. reminded me a bit of the hounds of maremma, always lurching at the cars. it was by that rationale that i figured that turdy would in fact not wind up under the wheels.
i guess i was wrong.
j was utterly traumatized
i got the nervous giggles
maude bounced right back up and fit as a fiddle trotted out in front. tail between legs. but by the looks of things, unblemished.
i limped home. in breaking i destroyed my thumb in the style of maremma fainting travesty. on return, dutifully called doctor who assured me there were no risks of internal bleeding and imminent death.

five hail maries and a couple hundred our fathers, i feel much better.

16 June, 2009

so jealous

oatsy and sister are off to see metric live tomorrow.
all i can do is play over and over the videos.

please call and play 10 seconds over the phone.

10 June, 2009

love me a roadtrip

mic nic and i are checking in the hound at the vet's. packing our LittleRedRucksacks with swimming trunks/bikini and heading to the heel for some tottish caper mischief. as many of you know, i love mixing a bit of biz with pleasheah. back sunday with documented evidence, third degree burns and tales to tell.

Vampire Queen of Louisiana

i have to get back to "True Blood" in view of latest casting.

06 June, 2009

maude still ever vigilant

she may be convalescing post op but the polar bear is still her pup. the squirrel and the poodle were tossed aside with spartan ruthlessness.

05 June, 2009

maude the brave

the little hound we all know and love today went under the surgeon's knife to have her wee ovaries removed after a hysterical pregnancy too many and a sleepless night howling with her two phantom pups (a stuffed squirrel and stuffed polar bear). she is home convalescing. unable to walk. eat. and can only drink from cupped hands.

04 June, 2009

have a tronk

boy is back in town.