12 January, 2010

Ma nuit chez Maud

(the divine francoise fabian.. ahh)

what can one say, eric rohmer has passed away. i only found out this morning on the tube. i grew up watching rohmer. his style, so unforced and natural; dialogue-driven but never preachy and ranty; precious little plot but poignant and mordant slices of life. he was what film-making so often should be about but rarely is. he eschewed the flashy camera work (not that he wasn't capable of framing a perfect shot, he was) and let his tales unfold. You'd be hard pressed to say what his films are about. On the surface its your usual boy meets girl. But with a whimsy unique to him, he was able to explore the depths of human relationships with such a deft touch that you emerged from seeing one of his films feeling not only good about yourself but also intelligently made privy to a human secret.

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