02 July, 2010


i have supported la selecao all my life and i doubt that will change but tonight i was ashamed. Every four years you feel different things when your team gets knocked out. It changes. In 2006, it was rage and resentment at a mediocre side outplayed by France.

This year, I saw a winning team choke and commit an ugly, pointless and suicidal foul. The Brazil i love plays beautiful (and practical) football but the players don't dive
for points and they certainly don't viciously stamp on rivals' legs when they panic.
Ronaldo posted on twitter that Melo better not think of vacationing in Brazil this year. And while I feel a collective mea culpa is in order, I can't help but give Melo the same advice. The autogol is one thing (hey, shit happens), but leaving your team one man down because you're a frustrated arsehole is another.

i can't help but feel this was Brazil's game to lose but hats off to the dutch for keeping a cool head and showing with actions that one can come from behind and win games. Brazil needs to feel less entitled. So final thoughts after one of the worst footballing harakiris i have seen. I am supporting Brazil's archrival Argentina, hoping they win fair and square without divine intervention. If God is not Brazilian, then i hope he's at least from latin america.


TheFastestIndian said...

Go, go Uruguay??

pod said...


i know. throwing the rag in at this point.

sxg said...

i laugh in the face of your disappointment.


FKJ said...