12 July, 2011

dismayed. horrified. outraged

oh the Horror, the horror

so seems that Spike flipping lee is remaking OLDBOY, one of the best films of the 2000s and nothing short of a staggering masterpiece (drool. gush. dribble. sigh)

blogs are alive with the same ringing question: is he right person for the job?
rather, why not ask the rather more obvious question of why they are bothering remaking it all. a classic is a classic. leave it be! don't touch! hands off! fuk off!

i am just so bloody angry at this. it's a tale as old as time of course, the butchering of foreign-language films at the hands of hollywood. about 95% of the time it's always revealed itself a terrible idea and a money-losing proposition to boot so why they keep doing it over and over is frankly baffling.

no good can come of this particularly misguided enterprise. add to that my personal antipathy for spike lee (i will grudgingly grant him kudos for the exceptional 25th Hour) and it's enough to ruin week. uff, i feel sick.

not to keep banging on, but the most disturbing aspect of all this is that OLDBOY is so steeped in Korea culture, obsessions and perversions i am not even sure how you can take it of that context and hope to salvage something.

let me relive the magic for a second before it gets tainted

ah just beautiful.

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