31 March, 2006

the little green hoodie. to join the little red rucksack in caper mischier adventures (redux)

thanks A!

have hazy memories of last night. how i got from the two-step shuffle to being dipped by A
to getting to work an hour late at 730am to snapping at a colleague ``why are you such a prick'' to
informing my boss i was still drunk to being told to go back home and sleep off the queen of all hangovers.
am off to cover a big event at the hilton.
with the green hoodie naturally. and some flip flops. hope they let me in...

30 March, 2006

i wept

``We're in deep''

click on picture to find out..oh dear

cash/carter-inspired ditty for fraps going to lagos

f: now i'm got arms
p: and i've got legs
z: pfft. they'll get together and move those limbs
f, p: lets go!!!!!!!
z: times a wastin'

29 March, 2006

an article by nick cave on The Guardian about Johnny cash

...And the mercy seat is waiting
And I think my head is burning
And in a way I'm yearning
To be done with all this measuring of truth.
An eye for an eye
And a tooth for a tooth
And anyway I told the truth
And I'm not afraid to die...

Still she haunts me, phantomwise
Alice moving under skies
Never seen by waking eyes.

right now i really want to be is cartoon alice in wonderland
surrounded by big magic mushrooms i could sink my (formidable) canines into. float through looking glasses. talk to cheshire cat, the mad hatter, the walrus. eat me. drink me. etc.

god bless

naming no names. though handel he ain't, little one (XXX)

(land of the brave, the corrupt and random hostages, soon to include me)

Our leitmofif:
If I know a song of Africa, of the giraffe and the African new moon lying on her back, of the plows in the fields and the
sweaty faces of the coffee pickers, does Africa know a song of me?

z's consistent retort:
are NO

there is no coffee here. hello? have you ever had a nigerian
blend at your local starbucks?

F's reaction: i'll have a CRACKuccino. then. since that is the going currency

yours revelling in superficiality

28 March, 2006

now in my possession
heartfelt thanks to yogi, oats

27 March, 2006


[Spicoli has had a pizza delivered to class]
Mr. Hand: Am I hallucinating here? Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?
Jeff Spicoli: Learning about Cuba, and having some food.

26 March, 2006

so. running a 5K anti-cancer marathon in May. with some pals
becky flash is heading a team to be composed of:
naps, michael and the little one.

we're thinking logos to emblazon across our chests. nip to nip
the brain-storming session resulted in a few ideas..

kick cancer in the tits
cancer is a cunt

erm....any other ideas?
please proffer.

i dreamt of broken teeth. horrible. apparently very common.
it could mean anything from losing friends. to being betrayed.
yours highly superstitiously.
oh god.
it gets worse.

"In the Greek culture, when you dream about loose, rotten, or missing teeth, it indicates that a family member or close friend is very sick or even near death.''

am now in a slight state of panic. my teeth were CHIPPED.

am now morbidly obssessing about this.

25 March, 2006

From Publishers Weekly
DeWoskin moved to Beijing in 1989, shortly after the military squashed the democracy movement in Tiananmen Square, but just as China's younger population began embracing Western ideologies and commodities. This entertaining romp through her five-plus years in Beijing details her life as a PR consultant—and as the star of the wildly popular Chinese nighttime television drama Foreign Babes in Beijing. After getting the gig on a lark, DeWoskin became known, sometimes even in her real life, as the character Jiexi, an American who falls in love with a married Chinese man, in the 20-episode drama, which aired to an estimated 600 million viewers.

It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know. (Poe)

j'ai baise ta bouche

It's a Sloth, broth nation
--wireless connection, TICK. enabling blogging from the terrace, the floor, the toilet
-- loose change and money till pay day: 24 euros and 74 cents. TICK. enables, well, not much!
-- size of overdraft. the GDP of a small african nation. TICK. embrace the debt. and follow the cheese.
-- Fast Times at Ridgemont High (downloading. 17 days and counting) BOLLOX.
--Saving Face (2004) Downloaded. TICK. in freaking CHINESE. er.
--FOOD SUPPLIES. we abund in sticky rice and some...(delicious) dessicated dried fish
-- LA TIZ'S knack for waking me up at 7am with lengthy text messages LEO TOLSTOY could call his own? BOUNDLESS

What is the one memory you would take with you?

Who do you want to watch?

"Film is dead, long live cinema." (Bernard Rose)

24 March, 2006

my most prized possession (perhaps, tonight)

Watch the video
i first saw it through stary eyes in a bookshop in bologna. i blinked incredulously that such a thing could exist. i ached and pined for it. but it cost a mild fortune, i was 13. playing truant and living with my grandmother, terrorizing the nuns that were trying to school me in italian grammar. while floating in and out of visconti's universe of times past and times lost. and when i found it at half price in a fair in piazza maggiore i did not hesitate. i rifled through my nonna's drawer, stole money and rushed out to get it. drawing blood from a clenched fist, so nervous was i. i hid it for years, and only pulled it out late at night, when no one was around, much as i do now, 15 years on. to gawp and gape, in awe and wonder, for each page of the rarest of gold. for the world it conceals.

23 March, 2006

I LOVE CANTO POP! (er...well maybe that's an overstatement)

Chin2 (named after the original filename chin2.mpeg) is a humorous video that became a popular Internet phenomenon. The video features two shirtless Korean youths who dance and lip-sync along with a sped-up version of the Korean language song "Jung Hwa Ban Jeom" (중화반점 "Chinese Restaurant") by the Korean artist Louis.
The clip appeared around 2001 on Korean websites where the two performers gained the nickname, Chun Brothers (춘 브라더스), as they introduced themselves as Maeng Chun-sik (맹춘식) and Maeng Chun-sam (맹춘삼), which sound funny to Korean speakers. The two are actually close friends of the same age, (born in 1982), Choi Chang-guk (최창국) and Kim Jun-ho (김준호). The title of the clip probably comes from Chin-gu, the Korean word for friend.
Several imitators have since made copycat videos (e.g. Unchin2) with the same song, mimicking the original movements. The original pair also made similar videos, chin1.mpeg and chin3.mpeg, which are less well known. (Wikipedia -- the source of unsourced information)

watch them!

22 March, 2006

House of Yes (1997)
Must be mine too!

Lesly: I don't think you're insane.
Jackie-O: You don't?
Lesly: No.
Jackie-O: You don't think I'm an eensie weensie bit insane?
Lesly: I don't think you're insane. I think you're just
Jackie-O: [exasperated] Oh please, if everyone around here is
going to start telling the truth, I'm going to bed.

Finally mine!!!
Bliss (1985)

read a review, not sure how good it is...

21 March, 2006

in the meantime, the little one, was in bratislava filming donkeys fuc*king.

what happened to princess sparkle????!!!

...i harbour my suspicions
while the cat was away...
these little mice did come play..
little munchkins..and stole p sparkle...and the freaking brush!

the genius of david chappelle...

Piss on you

and for more.......the black white supremacist, excerpt
.....tyrone biggums, everyone's favourite junkie

well-versed in the art of pidgin

No money for pocket: Financially broke.

Afta much:Inebriated after much alcohol.

Leg no dey stay one place: Restless

Natin spoil: Hey, no worries.

Betta follow: Good fortune

Legedis Benz: Derived from Mercedes Benz. Denotes one without a car who 'legs it' everywhere

Bodi dey inside cloth: I am surviving

Rockeez: Party!

no shakkin'........

20 March, 2006

...arranca tu propria imagen del espejo..(derek walcott)

rueda. tortilla. croquetas. giggles ensued for whichever reason.

javier and oats, in three defining poses.

oats and sparkle, partners in caper mischief, in madrid.
fleeting moments. pickled livers and the 24 hour coma i have no recollection of. oh and skillfully avoided pig tripe.
here were some of the key players
josh you handsome rogue you...born on sept. 10, 1976. your fabulousness was written in the stars

author of a priceless metaphor equating drugs with cheese, was it? xxx

time gous by con loli. la terremoto de alcorcon, CLICK!!

a delightful taste for the grotesque.
david and inigo, professional madonnites.

16 March, 2006

FFE. home. too tired to enjoy it.
greasy hair. hence hat day.

the little one did well
we indulge and endorse her keen interest in all things across the former berlin wall

paris badger, always a joy at ecofins in bruxelles
she brings her scripts to read out
she plays horatio, i butcher hamlets
shes does sartre, i do wine
we doorstep on the side

if you got it, flaunt it
missing teeth excluded

Mr. Tremonti gave us a ride back on his jet
i could get used to it. as could luca, clearly