26 November, 2008



ElizabethT said...

What a pensive look, pal. What are you thinking about? Are you tired, hung over...? What is the meaning of it all?

LeDuc said...

To my eternal shame I have never been to Venice.

I know: shocking, isn't it?

It's because I read once that the best way to arrive is by train, over the causeway (well, the train is probably the best way to arrive anywhere), but I've never yet managed to work out an itinerary that lets me do that. One day.

Although I'm also a bit scared that I'll go all Thomas Mann. And, alas, I think by now I'm more likely to be Gustav than Tadzio.

Lady V said...

Shall we have a group trip, Le Duc? Swaddle ourselves in cashmere and sip amaretto in Piazza San Marco? Letch after unsuitable prospects? I think that would be very jolly. And I have only ever arrived by train so I could lead you (in a strong female way, natch).

LeDuc said...

Oh, yes, yes!!!

Name the date.

albeo said...

My, lil' J's mom looks DASHING!
And you look vaguely depressed. Thinking about turkeys, maybe?