19 October, 2009

off you go

hurtling down the appia. picking micnic en route. and sandwiching the great adventurer hyman in the backseat of a sketchy speeding cab. we dropped the little one at the airport with plenty of time to spare. she had a little red rucksack. she also sported a trolley the size of botswana that we were not quite sure she would be able to wheel past the revolving doors.
we assured her that we would be tracking her every move on google maps (in case of rape, pillage, and kidnapping) and she in turn promised me that she would be LEAVING MOST OF THOSE CLOTHES somewhere and to someone along her travels (be it children in nepalese village or trannies in ho chi minh).

i am resigned. she will be back in 5 weeks with double the load.
to wong fu


Lady V said...

Oh well. Shall bring you a batch of DVDs to keep you occupied during the little one's sojourn. I think Mic Nic should move back in for autumn company.

MicNic said...

Tooo Wongggg FuuuUUUuUUUuuuu

Jasmine said...

I'm starting my own blog where I am going to photograph all of my clothing that I give to the little Nepalese wannabe hipsters. As a way to say goodbye to those great pieces. They can even have my yellow elephone tee shirt.