31 October, 2009

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damn shame if you ask me.
am a total sucker for the valentino-clad marlboro man. salt-n-pepper ruggedness. ahem...

don't make them like they used. i feel the need for a good western. and some more cowboyish-inclined product placement.

the sad thing is, i think i remember seeing this for real.

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LeDuc said...

One of my best-ever holidays was a road-trip through the US South-West in a convertible, a combined homage to Thelma & Louise and all those Westerns... The highlight was Monument Valley. I stayed here:

But since then a new hotel has been opened by the Navajo inside the valley, here:

I think we should arrange a road trip. We can pick up a young Brad Pitt and fight over who gets to play with him. Sigh...