24 November, 2009

something rotten in the state of korea

Model Daul Kim was found hanged in her Paris apartment on November 19th, 2009
Actress Choi Jin Sil, the nation's sweetheart, found dead at her home on Oct. 2, 2008
Popstar U-Nee found dangling from a door on January 21, 2007
Roh Moo-Hyun, former prime minister, jumped out of a window May 23, 2009

I could go on ad nauseaum. Basically the South Koreans are fuked up, depressed, and topping themselves at a rate that puts lemmings to shame.
Because and/or in spite of it all, they are some of the best-looking and most-talented people around and making some of the world's best films (fuked up, bizarre, strange, moving, taking you in unexpected directions and giving you one hell of a joyride while they are at it). I for one love them, and am so happy I got to know them in my Seoul years some time in the 1980s (let's not dwell on my age).
They (and their kimchi) are an acquired taste. Now can you please stop topping yourselves and take some prozac for christ's sake.

here is a little homage to eating-live-octopus, something le duc will welcome.



Tom said...

I agree, the Forgotten Asians deserve more recognition. Margaret Cho, fried chicken, what's not to like? The fact that they're alive at all is amazing, given that they have always been pinched between the left chopstick of China and the right chopstick of Japan.

MicNic said...


LeDuc said...

Thank you so very much. That's another week of Goddamn sleepless nights now that's back in my head.