02 November, 2009

vietnam as seen through the movies

some people approach a new trip by reading a book, maybe a guide. i decide to fish back in the old movie vault. I have banged on about "A la Vertical de l'ete" previously on this blog, and was roundly ignored. no reason why it should be any different this time.

however, here is part 1 of the full movie posted on youtube just in case you want to heed my words.

boy, did that film make me want to go Hanoi. And now I am. I have already eyed up a 1950s hotel, with outside courtyard, century-old tree and ... "a high-tech arthouse cinema - Hanoi Cinematheque - which screens films most days in a variety of languages". what's not to like?


TheFastestIndian said...

it's like the mission all over again....

MicNic said...

vietnam is the new testacc