27 December, 2009

christmas as i remembered it:part V

christmas is about coming together

and spending time apart, innit?


bogart said...

Can I just say... Food has now become the highlight of our life.
I shall post on the matter, i'm just trying to figure out, if it's cool that we now spend more time than ever in the kitchen and sat eating food or it's just sad..
I'm dreading the next step forward.. but till then..
Tiramisu' recipe anyone?
Oh.. you should have seen.. my quail eggs for Xmas looked amazing..

TheFastestIndian said...

Awww, how lovely.
You also look quite the ingenue domestic goddess in your new header pick.
Muchos love. Ixx

MicNic said...

It's about everyone bringing a plate, a bottle and a laptop.
Eat together, drinks together, surf together.

sxg said...

omg i want an antal.

also, why is mic nic shirtless?