28 December, 2009

the gay chinese

romolo (also the photographer) had mentioned his fondness for the "gay chinese" on via cavour. i remember it vaguely from my first days in rome when i lived in monti but recall it being a bog standard place serving bog standard asian fare. WELL.
what a difference seven years, give or take, can make.
one look at the menu (see above), the rather suggestive sapphic art on the wall, not to mention a good half of the clientele's clear sexual preference and i was sold. this is in fact a (gay) friendly chinese. and the food is not half bad either! they know and love romolo in there come uno di casa.


bogart said...

I love chinese... I love chinese...

Gina... perusing over the screen while I was typing.. said.. is that you? pointing to F...
Now.. apart from the obvious.. since when do I wear glasses???
kill me now.

Tom said...

Ask them if they are "tong zhi," meaning "comrades," meaning "homosexuals."