31 October, 2009

you are not allowed to see this website from the United States

damn shame if you ask me.
am a total sucker for the valentino-clad marlboro man. salt-n-pepper ruggedness. ahem...

don't make them like they used. i feel the need for a good western. and some more cowboyish-inclined product placement.

the sad thing is, i think i remember seeing this for real.

30 October, 2009

random search

under my name took me here. i see no connection but i like it

22 October, 2009


my new favourite show.
once i got a wind through blogs and my top pal that joss whedon (maker of buffy and all round genius) was going to direct an episode i knew that i had to embrace. and embrace i did. micnic was beside himself. we danced. we cried. we drank a bottle of wine each. enough said. some sloppy, fuzzy stills. word of advice. singalongs a must
. as is a certain familiarity with beyonce.

21 October, 2009

new blogger in town

let's just say i don't quite believe she made it into nepal and through the green channel.
she has been at it like a rabbit, blogging that is. reminds me of those early blogging days when everything seemed so new and fresh. now if i can post something once a week i consider it an achievement. welcome, baby. folks let me introduce you to:
same same vietnam

19 October, 2009

off you go

hurtling down the appia. picking micnic en route. and sandwiching the great adventurer hyman in the backseat of a sketchy speeding cab. we dropped the little one at the airport with plenty of time to spare. she had a little red rucksack. she also sported a trolley the size of botswana that we were not quite sure she would be able to wheel past the revolving doors.
we assured her that we would be tracking her every move on google maps (in case of rape, pillage, and kidnapping) and she in turn promised me that she would be LEAVING MOST OF THOSE CLOTHES somewhere and to someone along her travels (be it children in nepalese village or trannies in ho chi minh).

i am resigned. she will be back in 5 weeks with double the load.
to wong fu

16 October, 2009

Roma in Cronaca Nera

based on the book

Questo libro di Enzo Rava è ormai considerato un classico nel modo di narrare la cronaca nera. Ma è anche la storia di una città, Roma, che tra il dopoguerra e gli anni Ottanta completa la sua trasformazione in metropoli. Rava descrive questo percorso attraverso i delitti sensazionali o misteriosi, clamorosi e spesso irrisolti che hanno segnato quarant'anni di storia della capitale. Le vicende della Roma del dopoguerra, con i suoi affaristi, i suoi politici, i suoi palazzinari, si rispecchiano nei grandi delitti che dilagano sulle pagine dei giornali e appassionano e dividono l'opinione pubblica. Ricostruendoli col gusto minuzioso e ironico del cronista, Rava ci restituisce ad un tempo la storia di un genere e quella di una città. La narrazione si arresta agli anni Ottanta, quando la stagione d'oro della cronaca nera declina, e si impone una criminalità meno poetica e più imprenditoriale.

15 October, 2009

someone agrees with me

yes, i think it is one of the greatest opening film credits ever. gives me goose bumps

12 October, 2009

glorious 70s

got my mits on some 70s classics. and it has been a treat to revisit that decade. this weekend's cinematic snack was this little cracker. it's been far too long since francis ford has made anything remotely watchable. but this was a timely reminder of just what a powerful director he was and that there is more to him than just apocalypse now and the godfather.

she's still got it

She laughs. She larks about. She says, ``Time for a glass!''

mic, knowing his two tot girls, also knows that our affection and loyalty to the only supermodel that counts is unswerving. we devoured the article (click headline to read), which starts with the unthinkable premise: Is the model losing it? Is she past her best? and answers it with a No, and a No.

weekend in photos

(courtesy of resident photographer: J)

05 October, 2009

kid A kickback

happens routinely that i have to dig into the classics. just does not get very much better than this. sigh.

04 October, 2009

do it, do it, do it now

ready floor, lissy trullie

from the gem that is the jennifer's body soundtrack. cannot get enough of it.

03 October, 2009

negative capability

In the words of the man who defined it:
Negative Capability, that is when man is capable of being in uncertainties, Mysteries, doubts without any irritable reaching after fact & reason.

and how a very perceptive reviewer in New York Magazine, adapted it in his write-up of Bright Star:
The nearest thing Campion has come to what keats called negative capability, which i'll define here as entering fully into an imaginative world and leaving one's arty mannerisms and punishingly masochistic feminist agenda behind.

02 October, 2009

fuking A


my bias for all things brazilian is well known. they deserve it! and now give us back the world cup

pervy friday


am not going to even try and justify myself

01 October, 2009

waiting for mommy to come home

well. it's been a month now. and while watching films at silly hours has been grand, and not having to fold through infinite piles of underwear has been great, both maude and i are ready for mommy to come home. we are forlorn.

epi alert

Persistence reaps its rewards.
if you bug someone long and hard enough, sooner or later you will get your way. it's certainly true in the case of a Ms. Hyman, who finally fulfilled a life-long dream to own her very own epi pen. Her Italian doctor, sensibly, had refused to prescribe her the adrenaline shot, knowing that his insistently allergic and vaguely hypocondriac patient is, how can i put this, prone to exageration and could forseably pull an uma-thurman-in-pulp-fiction stunt in the grips of an imaginary anaphylactic shock. However, a doctor in California, handed her over the weapon of mass vascular constriction. She is beside herself with glee and plans to carry her pocket sized medical device with her at all times. Friends, let's keep an eye on the little one. All bets are off.