06 January, 2008

teen horniness is not a crime

i had more than one issue with "southland tales"
but blinded by my love for donnie darko and its maker, richard kelly (a fine looking chap may i add...)
i pay homage to one of my favourite bits
sarah michelle gellar aka buffy playing porn star krysta now
and having fun mocking britney.
it doesn't get much better

apologies for the crap quality of the footage.
another favourite moment. justin does the killers


sxg said...

spot on with the pinpointing of the (few) moments of brilliance

glad we can watch these without the rest of the debacle

Lady V said...

I like the woman with the up-do and fingernails...

Oh, and Captain Oats, I salute you on the artwork. The Madonna of the Tots. Natch.

albeo said...

Justin looks amazing in this video. I almost forgot Jake for a few seconds...