29 January, 2008


ok. i still have STUFF (pictures) of cana-duh to post but since uploading and posting without the internet at home is a real faff i feel i should just put up some eye candy that makes me happy.
namely, mia. part of the reason why i ADORE canada is obviously in no small part prompted by my love for mia. from those heady days of EXOTICA (teen nymphette/stripper dancing to leonard cohen in a tartan school girl's dress...), to LOVE AND HUMAN REMAINS (S&M dominatrix), to MY NEW BEST FRIEND (er.. teen crudder-tastic..lashings of cocaine and gratuitous sex) to 24 (hot and evil terrorist with nuances that sky rockets off the plane) to the black dahlia in the otherwise crapilicious BLACK DAHLIA to the wonderfully deranged and batty JENNY everyone loves to hate but i simply adore.
everything she touches is gold. and so beautiful.

roger and out.


LeDuc said...

Black Dahlia may was a strange film, but we can forgive it everything because it gave us such a lovely shot of Josh Hartnett's luscious, peachy bottom.

I can see it now...

sxg said...

ok, that does it. we need to see MNBF again. on our upcoming maremma getaway.

moving right along, the only thing that is jenny's saving grace is SHANE. but we knew that already....