30 July, 2008

The Hurt Locker

kathryn bigelow in Venice. YEAH! welcome back girl.

``Hollywood Transgressor – this seemingly oxymoronic title perfectly sums up the tensions and contradictions that characterize Kathryn Bigelow, one of the most interesting action directors in recent film history and the subject of this essential anthology of critical writings. (what a nice present this would be!) On the one hand, Bigelow is firmly entrenched in the Hollywood establishment as a filmmaker who often works with big budgets, big stars, and big studios on projects that could be perceived as formula fare. Yet like Sam Fuller, Budd Boetticher, and other old Hollywood masters, Bigelow both satisfies and transcends the demands of formula to create cinema that’s ideologically complex, viscerally thrilling, and highly personal.''

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LeDuc said...

You never know what you're gonna get with a Bigelow film, which, for me, is part of the thrill (that and the eternal memory of a rain-drenched Keanu, tight T-shirt clinging wetly to his manly chest...).

"Hurt Locker" has an interesting cast: David Morse is high up on my list of all-time favourite predatory homosexuals, possibly coming 2nd -- after the immortal Uncle Monty, of course -- for his well-creepy turn in the vastly under-rated "The Slaughter Rule". Christian Camargo starred in turbulent director Duncan Roy's recent remake of "Dorian Gray". While Guy Pearce is, of course, a near-God.

Can't wait!