15 July, 2008

should it be revisited?

thoughts about recasting of charles, julia and sebastian almost years on..?
trailer of the 2008 production:

one word to describe first impressions of the above: stark horror. abject fear.

for comfort, here is what we know and love from 1982:

feeling the need to settle down in maremma and rewatch it from start to finish. and SOB. and fall in love with anthony andrews all over again. clutching a teddy bear. snacking lovers' eggs. naturally.


LeDuc said...

What the Hell was that music in the trailer? Dear God!

Although, on the positive side, at least they filmed at Castle Howard (where else could they set Brideshead?), AND there was a glimpse of Phoebe Nichols who was such a delightful Cordelia in the original ("thwarted").

On the minus side... well, just about everything else. It felt more like a trailer for Dallas! than the novel we love.

I am so dreading it, though I know I'm too weak to resist going to see it.

pod said...

we'll see it. brace ourselves. fortify ourselves with liquor.

and then delight in slagging it of ad nauseam. savage post mortem examination.

Lady V said...

Oh! Oh! Oh! I rewatched the original with my dear Mamma only six months ago and was transported back to years ago Marjorie. Memories of Julia sunbathing on the roof of Brideshead. Sherry in Oxford rooms. Unrequited love.

My mother said mildly, 'oh, I never noticed the gay subtext before'. I snorted into my gin.

I will come with you both. Wearing Oxford bags and carrying a small bear.

Lady V said...

You always did love an oeuf a la coq, didn't you, old thing?

albeo said...

Bollocks. I slept through the 1982 version like a baby. The trailer of the new one looks magnificent.

You lot deserve to be locked up in a Cambridge cellar for the rest of the summer.

pod said...

oh god. clearly the ``wanted'' lesson has not been learned or you were simply EXHAUSTED by mommie dearest and it all hit far too many nerves at once.
we SHALL revisit brideshead. in a time machine. this new version looks simply...(you know it's coming..)