22 July, 2008

not getting any younger are we, dear...?

two of my tots are turning older and not any wiser this week.
am bullish on the three of us ageing disgracefully. eyes like moles. memories like sieves. hearts like badgers.

p.s. alberto, i don't think i can replace this fabulous green hoody. but in my mind, by posting it, i kind of have.


MicNic said...

Let us all have a botox party to celebrate.
YAY botox for one, botox for all.

albeo said...

I am definitely wiser. I don't have a proper job, am spending far too much money on movies and transatlantic trips, have only 1 hoodie left.

Botox, moi? I need a week in Lourdes!!!!

Lady V said...

I'll take the botox and run...