19 December, 2008

nothing gets me going more

than discussing oscar nominations. well. i do like to get my two cents in.
so am just going to go ahead and name winners already and get it over and one with

best actor - mickey rourke - wrestler

(mmmm. how how was he?? ... mmm)

best actress - kristin scott thomas - i've loved you so long

well i haven't really got round to thinking past this or seeing enough films to bang on. am just fixed on these two for the time being. and just easing myself back into blogging.

1 comment:

LeDuc said...

Good call on Kristen. Haven't yet seen The Wrestler (conjures up too many memories of interminable Saturday afternoons with nothing but "World of Sport" and Dickie Davis for company. Miserable days...).

Best film? Have you seen Hunger yet? Well...? Have you...?