25 December, 2008

ratzi in the background

after one photo, tiz covered her double chin in subsequent shots.


albeo said...

Oh the Ratzi. Subject of many heated debates around our kitchen table too.

Me: "Surely, with all the problems the world is facing today, centreing his Xmas message on how much we should hate the gays and trannies isn't very Christian".

Reply: "You are so full of hatred, I really don't understand what that poor old man could have done to you. YOU should be a little more understanding. AND you should go to Mass".

Me: "Errrrrr........"

bogart said...

F... what the F are you wearing in picture one??? Xmas stockings???

Fill me in on Ratzi speech please... i was just reading donna moderna.. and how Broke back mountain ( even the cut version which apparently was shown on italian tv) was considered utter vulgarity!!

ElizabethT said...

Wow. F, what are you wearing on your legs in the first photo?


Not being Catholic I cannot understand too much about the Ratzi. Which gives me some tranquility.