27 January, 2009

lady v's future wife

after years of wretched woman-management at hands of bullying tot A, the two female of the species broke free from his iron-fist and were finally able to settle down and watch exactly what they wanted. lashings of flesh and strong female leads. Alas, even WE were not able to stomach ``beyond convent walls'' for more than 10 minutes, however our other cinematic choices were most inspired and went down almost as well as our 2 bottles of wine (each). what emerged from this exercise was a new pop quiz: who is lady v's future wife? from a cast of thousands, the choice has been whittled down to a few based exclusively on weekend film-watching. here they are.

Pascale Bussieres (When night is falling)

v: oh i like her!
f (enunciating): QUEBEC, dear, QUEBEC

Zana Briski (maker of Born into Brothels)
v: mmm. meeting of the minds!
f: impressive honker

v: aha alicia! woman after my heart! (Clueless)
f: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Picnic at Hanging Rock
v: mmmmmm
f: quite. miranda!
v: wish i'd looked like that at school
f: quite.

Il y a longtemps que je t'aime
v: kristin.
f: she's as good as french, non?
v: oui!


Lady V said...

Oh! It's just impossible to choose, again. All with such merit, charm and finesse. Although as someone who doesn't do blonde or young, am mildly shocked at myself. I think it might have to be Kristen. A woman for all seasons, as we know.

I'd forgotten we watched Behind Convent Walls. That dildo with picture of the Lord Baby J! Nuns doing naked yoga! Terrible!

Tom said...

Lesbian polygamy, the only solution.

Anonymous said...

the lady spoke
and as we know...
the lady is NOT for turning.

albeo said...

you ain't seen nothing, females...