05 January, 2009


just because they look great

folks that is it from me for err... possibly another couple of months...or the rest of the year.
photo credits to J. or rather her camera. a lovely canon something or other
culinary credits to tot T and his court of kitchen minions (the rest of us)
execrable film pics, blame tot a. winning movie choices, thank me.
drinking everyone down the table? that prize goes to tot c for the 4th year in a row.
most missed? you know who you are.
best wigs. heidi and dave
most improved charades player? sicily
most long-suffering girlfriend? michelle

right folks. that is all from me.


LeDuc said...



You *can't* just abandon us -- only Alberto is allowed to tease with non-bloggery.

I *need* constant updates on Catherine Keener's life and career.

This is just UNACCEPTABLE!!!!

albeo said...

You are allowed to blog more as long as it's about me. I was only mentioned once, and pictured barely twice in very camp poses. Won't stand for it thank you very much.

Oh. And enough sepias please!!!

sxg said...

what's this about scissoring on a yoga ball?

took T out last night and got the full, unadulterated version. errrrrrrrrr

i agree with A, the Castro is not just round corner, girls.

(p.s. don't blame T, he won't remember a thing)