22 January, 2009

oscar backlash


kate winslet gets nominated for best actress for "reader" and Kristin Scott Thomas is snubbed for "I've loved you so long."

furious texting, seconds later

f: random thought. (!) should i ever have a girl i will insist she be named Kate. After Moss, Hall and Winslet
lady v: adore you even more. (CENSORED). On train, drinking crafty mini bot of gin and tonic mixed at home and disguised in san benedetto water bottle. heh heh heh.
f: flapping arms in air at oscar nom trav. K was slighted. (KST).
lady v: No! Won't stand for it! Appalling travesty. Shocking. DO i get metro to piramide?
f: Yes you do. We must slaughter meryl the crone and angie the whore. Oh, and In Bruges best screenplay!
lady v: Blood bath ahoy

thanks for indulging me, tot.

1 comment:

Lady V said...

Always a pleasure. Thanks for the vod pods. And talking nonsense.