29 September, 2009

the G-3

3 hours before i boarded my flight, i managed to squeeze in a quick g-3 with my fraps. we've known each other on and off, a decade. seen each other together a total of five times, if that. possibly less. anywhere there were more topics on the agenda than on the g-20 i had just come from. wearing a comforting hoodie. the slight blurriiness of the image reflects the conversation as it progressed.


Jasmine said...

i love this picture! everyone looks gorgeous

ElizabethT said...

Okay that is a pretty blurry photo, thank God. But as for how many times you and I have met in person let's count:

Princeton, London, London, Paris, Nigeria, Rome, Rome, NYC, NYC, NYC with Amy, NYC, NYC...did we ever actually see each other in DC? Probably not.

I don't know if this is a complete list but I can tell you, it feels like I see you all the time.

Much love, fly safe, watch all the movies!

xoxo P

Lady V said...

Three Graces.

pod said...

the three disgraces you mean

bogart said...

or otherwise called
grazia graziella e grazie al cazz..
miss patty too! booooooo