21 September, 2009

dirty old men II

"with all the wild and nubile young flesh frolicking around on display, this is going to be a favorite for the pervy-types"

i am referring of course (heads up from sicily) to Cracks (2009) the directorial debut of the daughter of ridley scott, jordan. the plot has been described as a sort of all-female lord of the flies. but it sounds more like picnic at hanging rock to me. am liberally lifting the prize nuggets from the single movie review out there (film is debuting in toronto in that great nation of the north)

In an Irish boarding school for orphaned girls, life runs and swims to the rhythms of Cosmopolitan and sexy teacher and diving coach, Ms. G. (Eva Green as glamorous and sexy as she was in Bernardo Bertolucci's The Dreamers or the James Bond reboot).
When an exotic new girl, Fiamma of Spanish aristocratic descent (Gasp! She is Roman Catholic!) joins the ranks (intriguingly, banished? Exiled? Simply boarded for a while?) it throws the lives of the girls into disarray

enough said.


Lady V said...

WETTING myself in anticipation of this...

Tom said...

Do I sense shades of that happy-fascist Scottish boarding school film? Little guirrrls, in my prime, etc.?

LeDuc said...

Also, of course, on display at the London FF, where it gets its European premiere:
...and sufficiently enticing for me also to have put its photo on Normal for Norfolk -- I just loved that louche Weimar image.

LeDuc said...

London is also a little more forthcoming about the, ah, attractions of this film:

"Set in an isolated girls' school in the mid 1930s, Cracks is a sensuous drama of obsession and misguided love, confidently directed by Jordan Scott (daughter of Ridley), making her feature debut.

"Adapted from Sheila Kohler's novel and transposed from South Africa to an atmospheric Irish location, the story centres on a clique of teenage girls who are all members of the school's swimming team, coached by the worldly and glamorous Miss G (Eva Green). She encourages them in their belief that they have more potential than their schoolmates, and also encourages a crush held by one of them, Di (Juno Temple).

"The group's equilibrium is disturbed by the arrival of a mysterious and beautiful Spanish pupil, Fiamma (MarĂ­a Valverde), who remains resolutely detached from the team, provoking both fascination and jealousy. Eva Green brings the right tone of charisma and suspicion as the Sapphic schoolmistress who is not all she seems, and all the young cast give strong, believable performances.

"Whilst there are distinct Lord of the Flies overtones in the way events unfold, Cracks' cloistered all-female world brings an altogether more libidinous focus."

Jolly hockey sticks!

Heidi said...

We are having a ladies date night all around it. BFI is hosting and the likes of Catherine, Le Pam, etc. are attending.

Maybe Catherine will break her no bevvies rule for the night? Just the one dear...