18 May, 2010

7 girls, one lord and a hound in the country

Disclaimer: all photos posted were taken by Lord Leng, armed with a Nikon and a huge motherflapping lens.

so, what to expect from the motley crew? no good could come of it obviously.

first we had the getting ready:

then some photo op:

and requisite narcissism from the usual suspects:

then we got round to matter at hand, drinking, sucking, dipping, posing:

some things done were best left unsaid:

and then there were the hangovers:

which of course didn't stop us from doing it all over again.
girls and boy, see you all for Porno!
bigger, better, more of the same!


Lady V said...

Ha! You got the scoop, top journo! Am pleased to see that we have crossover and are complementary. Tick tick tick to us. God, that was a good weekend. More soon, please.

Tom said...

You are all looking FAB, natch. Glad to see all has been double-blogged for extra thoroughness. Love the Gaga tribute, love the Sicilian theme, etc. It's all a bit too glam, though. I mean, you can't even see the mold dripping from the walls. Come on, tell us what REALLY happened!

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