01 May, 2010

touch wood

in every trip J takes overseas she invariably whips herself into a state of mild hysteria. the fears, as one would imagine, are the usual suspects that cannot be named because, you know, one cannot tempt fate. one particular favourite of mine is dengue fever. it is horrid, obviously, you contract the virus most foul from pesky mosquitoes and, winningly, it lies dormant the little fucker. therein lies the disclaimer. hard to argue with her that she she does not have it, because you know, it could snap out of dormancy any time. Anyhoooow. there is a lot of repeated touch wooding when she takes off anywhere (I have chosen path of least resistance and comply). This time to South Africa no less. In spite of seeming a bit of a scary cat she is actually a pretty brave badger and is going on a tigers-lions-and-bears-oh-my safari on her own.


Jasmine said...

you forgot to mention that the whole reason we have these photos is that i demanded proof you were touching wood after your litany of fate-tempting teasing. and so proceeds our relationship based on very little trust and a lot of jpg emailing.

MicNic said...

Is it just me or do those fingers look sticky?

Anyway, I always do the corni sign with my hand when someone pays me a compliment

Tom said...

That table looks highly varnished, so I don't know if this really counts as touching wood. The thin layer varnish may provide enough of a prophylactic to diminish the dengue-preventing power of skin-wood contact. I think you'd best rub your bare body against an old growth tree, preferably sequoia. Just to be safe.