07 May, 2010

celluloid crushes

well, as most of you are aware my top celluloid crush is 51 (CK!) and well, my latest most persistent one has err. barely turned 20.
am keeping it chaste and saying that while i have no time for the horrific twilight franchise (after seeing the EXECRABLE second installment) i have been a huge fan of Kristen Stewart's work since i took notice with into the wild and undertow. since then i have perked up and taken notice. looks like she will now be directed by brazil's walter salles (central do brasil!) in a new movie. here's to her continuing to make smart choices and to keep looking astonishingly beguilingly beautiful.

here's hoping i didn't come across too dirty old man. but if i did, can you blame me?


Jasmine said...

since when have you been concerned about being a dirty old man?

pod said...

since i've turned 30.

LeDuc said...

Speaking as a dirty old man, can I just say there's nothing wrong with, er, lusting after people young enough to be your children.


That is all.