25 June, 2008

ANOTHER very civilized weekend
cars that ran out of gas: one
non functioning fridges: one
house: full
films seen with trains: two
films featuring cocks: one
house frau: tom

the rest is to your imagination and to the ones that are in know, please keep it on the downlow. reputations must be protected. appearances must be kept up.

after spending three hours in a pair of shorts claiming she was going for a jog, lady v finally bit the bullet, changed FROCKS, and gave up on exercise all together. here is a distant shot. g&t in the background.


when it was all going to hell in a basket who do you think cooked, cleaned. got me up in time to leave. guided me. loved me. supported me. well yes, tom. i think the experience took its toll, judging from his reaction...

YOU know who you are. signed: your no. 2 fan


MicNic said...

No cheese from the cheese shop?

Tom said...

Corregium: There were TWO non-functioning fridges at one point.

I thought it was thrilling, personally, like a lone cowboy guiding his herd of cats through the harsh plains to fodder and safety.

The revolution will NOT be composted.

LeDuc said...

I am honoured to have been one of your cats (after all, cats are cool, right...?).

And why did no-one tell me I looked like a complete mentalist?