12 June, 2008

blast from past

ring ring ring
(witheld number)

f: hello?
l: fraaaaaaaaaaap!
f: alvy!?
l: annie!
f: are you HK?
l: i was frapping along and frapped a left and turned into draycott place!
f: there is one there too?
l: good times!
f: happy days!
l: am coming to geneva for wedding
f: i hate weddings. can you swing by rome?
l: frap!!!!

london. 2001. i lived in a dodg flat in draycott place
sometime in 2006, laurence moves to HK. not a word to anyone.
i have since spoken to him, twice?
anyway here is to him. and the film projects we stayed up talking about. and the preston sturges movies we loved watching.

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