12 June, 2008

mission accomplished

so le duc finally bowed to peer pressure and is coming to marem afterall. although peer pressure is perhaps not quite the term way of putting it. he was promised suckling pig by lady v. posting of gratuitous cock by me. countless other conditions were set. and both tots blindingly agreed to all of them. alas i find now that i may have some trouble fulfilling my end of the bargain. so here are a few warm up rounds.
so country cock (ho ho ho)

err. ok. not really going to cut it, is it. where do i go to look? let me see....will search for twinks and see where this takes me. one small willy for you and then i am done.
aha. here is one!

so done small. what else. a nice keanu pic for you too, since you love him so.

that's him on the right. er. playing ping pong
okay am done. i should get SOME marks for effort. and i have a new found appreciation for what you do.
as an aside. DO bring the fabulous baker boys. you know my THING with jeff B.


LeDuc said...

I am truly flattered.

Although am also hoping Lady V does rather better with her promises.

Keep those dvd requests coming.

Lady V said...

Watch and wait, Le Duc, watch and wait. Baited breath and all that. You know I always deliver....

MicNic said...

Oh dear