12 June, 2008

tots do milan

lady v looks exquisite. heidi is the cutest thing ever. i am a parody of myself. tot is zoolander. the water is real. the negronis have kicked in. everyone is happy to be alive.


Lady V said...

We are all parodies of ourselves. That is our speciality. Who else is worth parodying after all?

Still laughing at our own cleverness...

MicNic said...

I love a kodak moment.

sxg said...

has lady V been using patented oats hair-drying techniques on her fab new do?

EXQUISITE fotos. am basking in totty glory

Tom said...

ah the magical negroni. Is there anything it can't do?

Lady V said...

Oatsy old thing. Have never been the same since our Brooklyn blow-dry workshop. I salute you!